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LaunchMenu is an open platform, learn about all the features that applets can take advantage of:

What is LaunchMenu?

LaunchMenu is an Open Source, cross-platform application which brings utilities (applets) to your fingertips. Open it at a press of a button, with LaunchMenu's keyboard centric design!

Why LaunchMenu?

LaunchMenu is free, easy to use and allows you to increase your productivity. Customize the application to your needs with advanced theming and applet settings.

Extendable with Applets

Some applets come preinstalled but additional 3rd party applets will be available. LaunchMenu relies on applets to serve users, and doesn't limit developers in providing their own desired user experience.

Actively developed

LaunchMenu is actively developed. At present, some features are only partially supported. We will use this legend to indicate what features are supported and what features are planned. You can hover your mouse over the symbol for more information:

  • Supported
  • Coming Soon
  • Long Term

Keyboard centric

  • Select items

    Use the arrow keys to navigate the menu.

  • Execute item actions


    Enter ↵
    to perform the primary action of the selected item.

  • Step in and out of menus


    Tab ↹
    to hop into a context menu and
    to return to the previous menu.

  • Customise any controls

    All controls are customizable to fit your needs! Join the ijkl-master race.

  • Mnemonics

    Navigate menus even faster by making use of Mnemonics.

  • Different key modes

    LaunchMenu will have toggle-able custom keyboard layouts, including a VIM inspired layout.

  • Search anywhere

  • All menus are searchable

    No matter where you are, simply start typing to start searching!

  • Searches are recursive

    Searches look through the selected menu as well as all sub-menus.

  • Filters

    Searches can use patterns to automatically filter results.

  • Fuzzy Search

    By default all searches use a fuzzy matching algorithm.

  • Prioritized searches

    All searches will be tracked and prioritized intelligently, bringing frequently used items closer to the top of the list.

  • Context menus

  • Item actions

    Items can have multiple actions, the primary action is executed on

    Enter ↵

  • Opening

    A context menu containing these actions can be opened, by pressing

    Tab ↹

  • Searching

    Context menus, like all menus, can be searched.

  • Sub-menus

    Context menus can contain sub-menus, reducing clutter by hiding rarely used actions.

  • UI Path

    The path shows where you are in the application.

  • Multi-select

  • Select and execute multiple items

    You can select multiple items by pressing or holding

    ⇧ Shift
    . These items can be executed by pressing
    Enter ↵

  • Shared context menu

    Opening a context menu will list actions from all the selected items. Actions executed will operate on all compatible items.

  • Customize

  • Settings

    Settings can be searched, and altered easily.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    All keyboard shortcuts and controls can be fully customized to suit your needs.

  • Customize applets

    Like native LaunchMenu features, all applets - including 3rd party applets, can be customizable.

  • Settings portability

    Settings will be portable, allowing you to import and export them.

  • Applets

    LaunchMenu has an applet manager, which will allow the installation and removal of both official and 3rd party applets.

  • Themes

    The colour and style of LaunchMenu and its applets will be customizable through themes.

  • Utility applets

    Core applets

    LaunchMenu itself doesn't contain any menus or items. Instead, dedicated 'core-applets' are used to manage the core functionalities.



    LaunchMenu is primarily being developed and tested on Windows, so this platform has smallest chance of containing bugs.


    Most features have been tested and adjusted to work on Mac, but this testing has been less extensive than on Windows.


    Linux support is planned, but not yet worked on. Help from Linux users will be needed to test the software, and fix OS specific issues.

    Previous releases of LaunchMenu can be found on our github page


    Here's what people have to say about LaunchMenu.

    LaunchMenu is very convenient to use, and super fast to interact with. It unfortunately doesn't have many applets yet, but there's a lot of potential!

    Tar van Krieken
    Cofounder of LaunchMenu

    Exactly what I wanted.

    Founder of LaunchMenu

    We don't really have any users yet.

    Tar van Krieken
    Cofounder of LaunchMenu